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Dear Fellow Niche Marketer,

I'm sick of it all! I'm sick of all the hyped-up sales letters from "goo-roos" who try to suck you into their scam with their fake income screen shots and pics of luxury cars, boats, and mansions they don't even own.

I am totally against all the HYPE that is in our "internet marketing' niche. And if I guess right, you're probably sick of all the hype too. The last thing you want to do is fall for another course that promises instant and easy success but delivers anything but.

The Truth About Most "Make Money" Products...

You might already know this, but most products that claim to "teach' you "how to make money online' are poorly put together and always leave out the important steps.

And what's worse, the guys and girls who sell these products aren't even making the kind of money they claim! This is a deadly trap that a LOT of newcomers to internet marketing face.

It's the classic case of blind leading the blind. It's a recipe for disaster!

If you care at all about your success, and I do, you have to avoid these kinds of like the plague! I've witnessed it too many times and it kills me inside to see so many good people get scammed.

You Just Need A Legitimate Method That ACTUALLY Works

Like most people here online, you just want to find a simple legit and ethical way to earn an income online. Well, congratulations, because you've found it.

My name is Michael Brown. I'm definitely NOT a "guru". You could actually call me an anti-guru because, as you may have picked up, I really hate all the hype that "gurus" muster up to sell innocent people garbage.

I'm just a regular guy like you. I don't have any super powers. I'm really your typical "guy next door'. However, there is one thing different about me.

How I Make My Living Online

I've been making my living online from niche affiliate marketing for the last 8 years and I've been teaching my formula for the last few years and helping others make their first money online.

Over the past few years I've been sharing my recipe for creating passive-income earning niche sites and have helped hundreds of others just like you get started earning their first dollars online.

You're in luck for finding this page, because now you can become the next person to crack the code using my formula and start earning your first commission online quickly.

But before I go on and tell you about my new Niche60 training program, I want to tell you about how it this website and course came about....

My Formula For Creating Affiliate Income From Scratch
In The Shortest Time Possible....


Last year in August 2013, I started an "experiment" to prove once and for all that a complete newbie can still make good money with Affiliate Marketing. I set up a brand new site in a brand new niche.

I started with nothing. From scratch! I figured if I could start from nothing and succeed, you could too, if you were to simply follow the same course I did. All I had was my tried and tested formula. I had no connections in this niche to send me traffic no links and no email list. I was like I was a complete beginner.

True Passive Income That Your Can RELY On For
Long Term Profits, Without Having To Be "Salesy"!

The thing I love about this business is that it's almost all passive income. Sales literally come in on auto-pilot, when I sleep, go to the mall, play with my kids or do whatever I want. I only "work" on this site for about 1 hour a week at this point and commissions are still come in almost every day.

The other amazing thing is that it's reliable income. I've learned how to choose "evergreen" niches and products so I can get paid over the long term.

Forget those quick "pump and dump cash techniques" some of the "gurus" throw at you. When you make a site the way I do and teach, you can have reliable passive income streams. You don't have to worry about losing your income streams will dry up and leave you frustrated if you know how to create them.

You never get tired of waking up to find new "You've earned a commission" emails in your inbox. I know I don't. This is all possible, right from the comfort of your own home.

You really can work from home online, be your own boss and earn great income with niche marketing!

And if you're worried that this requires you to be all "salesy", it doesn't. This is not about promoting a MLM or "business opportunity" or calling anyone or being "hyped up". This is simple affiliate marketing where you sell everyday things people need and get paid for it! This is an online business you can feel proud to tell your family and friends about.

I love this business model and love teaching it to others, because it works.

Do You Want To Follow The Same Blueprint & Start
Earning Commissions The Same Way I Do?

If you're looking make a living online with simple niche sites like I do, selling things that people actually need and running this business just part time if you want to, then here is your chance to see exactly how I do it and how you can too. This is your chance to pretty much straight out copy my method.

I'm pulling back the curtain and revealing everything, right down to the brass tacks, inside my new course Niche60 - It's that simple!

You can follow along, starting from ZERO and the goal is to get you making online commissions as quickly as possible -- the right way!

If you've already got some niche sites, but they aren't making you money, you can see how to quickly and easily turn them into profit machines.

You can get access to it all when you grab your copy of...

A Proven Formula For Making Money Online

Niche60 is the ultimate step-by-step course for beginners who want to create a steady flow of affiliate income in your spare time and see real commission checks!

Finally kick information overload to the curb because this is a method is simple to learn and easy to implement. With my step by step training, you can follow the steps each day, day by day without becoming overwhelmed.

My whole aim for this course is to have you earning commissions as soon as possible without stressing you out so I've made it simple. I know most things to do with online marketing are confusing but my method is so simple, my grandma could do it.

You'll have all the steps you need to start earning, nothing left out, all clear and precise, written in plain English so you can just take action steps on a daily basis.

No More Frustration, No More Confusion - You Can't Fail
When You Follow This Simple Blueprint

If you've been looking for a simple system that actually works to earn an extra $1000 or $5000 per month, but all you can find are products and courses that add to your confusion, then drop them all and get started with Niche60 today.

I know from talking with past customers that most courses are hard to follow because they're not set out clearly or it just seems "too much" all in one go so they become overwhelmed.

You won't become overwhelmed with Niche60, because I've set it up so you get actionable steps every day for 60 days to take you to affiliate profits. These steps are explained in detail, in plain English so there is no confusion about what to do or how to do it
You're Getting "The Meat", Delivered In Bite-Size Steps
Day-To-Day So You Can Start Making Money Sooner!

I hate products that are just fluff and filler, as I'm sure you do too. You want the real meat so you can just get on with the tasks that need doing to get results. Well that's what I'm delivering here in Niche60.

I've laid it all out in daily activities. You simply log in to your members area, access the training modules for that day and follow the steps I give you.

After years of teaching affiliate marketing, I've found that the best (and usually the only) way to learn is when things are laid out step-by-step. So instead of you wading through pages of fluff or listening to hours of video training, you just get the meat.

Day 1 .. do this

Day 2... do that

Day 3.. go here and do this

This is the kind of training you'll receive. No more guesswork or wasting time. You get to learn the exact same steps I use to create my niche affiliate sites.

You'll get 60 days worth of training and action steps, but it's up to you how you pace it.

You can do a step a day or go faster. There is no reason why you couldn't complete the tasks faster and see results in as little as 30 days!

It took me about a week to set up

I spend about 1 to 2 hours a week to add content and build links

I don't buy any advertising or traffic, whatsoever

It gets free traffic from Google (and some other free sites)

It's practically making me commissions on autopilot

Even If I get sick, or when Google releases an update.. these sites are reliable, consistent earners!

Here's What We'll Go Over In The 60-Day Course

Day 1-4: Brainstorm & Analyze

The first steps are crucial to your success as an affiliate marketer. If you get this wrong, your website will not make money no matter how much traffic you get.

I'll show you how I brainstorm and analyze niches I know are going to be easy pickings. You want to pick "low hanging fruit" because that's where to easy money is.. but you've got to know how and where to find it.

I know how to choose winning niches, and you will too.

Day 5-8: Create Your Website ASAP

Your website doesn't have to be pretty, it just has to make money! Most people get hung up on making a website all perfect and professional looking. If you saw my sites, you'd be shocked at how plain and simple they look. It doesn't matter, because they actually make more money than pretty sites.

Day 9-19: Content Creation

Writing articles is not most people's idea of fun but you don't have to write the articles if you don't want to! I'll cover the steps I use to get high-converting, high-quality content easily and cheaply. You can write it yourself, but I recommend you hire writers. I'll share my whole content creation process

The types of articles you write for your site is actually very important. You've got to know your keywords and how to write articles that pre-sell as well as get picked up in Google.

Day 20: Part 1- Secret Weapons

I'll show you a couple of secret tools I use on my sites which are needed to make your sites convert. These are simple, and free, but without them your sites are going to suffer.

Day 20 Part 2 - More Website Tools & Settings

There are tools I use that speed up the time it takes to get traffic to my site. These are also free and you will definitely need these if you want any chance of getting your sites ranked. Very simple, but not a lot of people know about these.

Day 21: Choosing An Affiliate Program That Pays

We're going to go over looking into and joining affiliate programs so you can sell some products and make money!!!

There are several things to look out you for in the affiliate programs before you join them. The same with products. Choosing a product is almost as crucial as doing initial research for your niche. Choose the wrong product and you'll quickly go broke because no-one is buying it. However, choose a product that converts (using my checklist) and it's like you've struck gold.

Day 22: Tweak Your Website

Once you've found your product, it's time to add your links to your site, and add banners so people can click and buy. There are a few tricks on banner ad placement and link positions that will help you get click-through rates out of this world.

Day 23-29: Boosting Your Website Rankings - Round 1

To get ranked in Google (that is going to be our primary traffic source), you have to give Google EXACTLY what it wants. But this where you have to be careful because one slip up and your site can be de-indexed and never seen on google again!

I'll show you a simple "early-stage ranking strategy" that is quick and assures you get proper love from google for your new site.

Day 30 - Take a Day Off and Count your Money!

Your site should be making commissions on auto-pilot by now if you've followed the steps until now. The next 30 days is where you can really ramp up your profits. The hardest part is over, now it's just very simple fun tuning.

Day 31: Checking Where You Rank In Search Engines

Google has some tools that let you see stats like traffic and your rank in google. We'll cover how to set this up and how to understand the stats to see exactly where your site is and this is where you can watch it fly up the rankings.

Day 32: Supplemental Keyword Research Part 2

We got some winning keywords in the early stages but there are still a ton more out there for you to milk for easy traffic and sales. I'll show you how to dig up these extra keywords.

Day 33-45: Create Supplemental Content

Just like when you created content before, we're going to do it again for your new keywords. See I told you this was simple.

Day 46: Schedule Additional Content

One of my little tricks is to "schedule" posts on my Wordpress sites. This is so I can set it and forget it all in one day and not have to worry about it every week. I'll show you how to set up a scheduled post for your site.

Day 47-54: Boosting Your Website Rankings - Round 2

Now it's time to give our new articles the kind of extra attention that Google loves. If you get this wrong, Google may actually penalize your site. But if you follow my prove safe and strong methods, you will have a site that zooms up to page 1.

Day 55: Review Your Website & Tweak For Increased Conversions

Is your site making as much money as possible? There are a couple of tweaks I've found that con boost conversions by 300%! If you don't take some time to review your4 site, you could be losing sales. I'll show you what to look for and tweak to reveal more commissions!

Day 56-59: Strongholding Your Google Rankings (optional but worth it)

Ever heard of strongholding your Google rankings? This is one thing I do and recommend it to give your sites an unbreakable position in Google. I'll show you the tools I use for fortifying your Google rankings a breeze. It's worth this little extra step.

Day 60: Final Analysis & Celebrations!

Well done! You've created a cash cow from scratch where you didn't have anything 60 days ago. It wasn't that hard was it? Now you can analyze the formula to see what worked and why it worked. The next step is to rinse and repeat! michael Start a new site to double your income. The next site should only take you half the time!

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